As a total introvert, I’ve never been particularly comfortable in social situations. Ironically I married one of life’s great socialisers and spent my career in the drinks industry. Consequently, home and work often centered around alcohol. I love a G&T, but also love, being on top form for my kids, getting up early to bike, sail or ski, and doing well at work. I try to take 3-4 consecutive days off alcohol but used to find those nights out tricky, well that's until Susie and I headed to the lab to create a new way to socialize.


My career, parenting and an early menopause made alcohol more of a headache and less of a joy. I was unable to keep up at social gatherings and felt tired, awkward and withdrawn. The less I drank, the more I was elected the designated driver and as the parties rolled on, I started to feel more disconnected from my tribe. There’s always a silver lining! My social solace sparked a desire to create something new and natural to bridge the gap between different social vibes. And that’s how my Do’Mo journey began! 

Grab a Do'Mo and go with the flow!